Chasse Mare'e Boat Works


Chesapeake Bay  Work Boat Models 


     These models are all built with scale lumber in the box method preferred by many work boat builders. 
                                                               Look closely, details abound. Models are approximately 30" L.O.A.


1/2" scale





















               The " Lily G. Spicer" a  slightly weathered  boat
               that  has seen some working days but has been
               well cared for by those that she has served.
               This model is based on the lines taken by  
               Howard  I.  Chapelle  at Cambridge, MD  in 1943




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Skipjack #17 (sold)



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Deck boat, Miss Sweeby (sold)




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Our highly detailed Chesapeake Bay work vessels can be seen at

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, City Dock , Annapolis, Maryland

Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine  Gallery, One High St. , Old Town Portsmouth , VA. 23704


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