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These models are in 1/2" scale and will measure out to about 34" from the tip of jib boom to the pusher boat which will be carried on stern davits. Please come back to see models as they progress.

Time proceeds to show more changes to the hulls. On the right we now have the addition of the log rail and top rails along with dredge rollers . The rudders are also almost complete. below are some detail photos.



This detail shows a dredge winding winch and it's
motor box , almost complete. Notice the tiny fully
functional blocks on the frame ends. They can be seen
in further detail at our boat gallery page.


               Here are a few more photos that update the

latest advances.



This a push boat. It is the motor power for a  sailing      
oyster boat. When not in use, it is carried on stern      


Details are being added












click images for larger view



Now Completed...........Two Oyster Buy Boats

                    This sequence shows some of the steps toward building  the
                    Buy Boat of the Chesapeake. Each hull is made of strip lumber
                    cut in one of our studios. The bottom is cross planked with
                    what is known as a chunks (large pieces of timber) in the stem.
                    This method is typical of Chesapeake deadrise workboats.



         The wheelhouse above is made of pine, poplar and bass woods.
                          The working blocks to the right are for the topping lift
                          (hoisting rig) of the Buy Boat's mast.






Our highly detailed Chesapeake Bay work vessels can be seen at

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, City Dock , Annapolis, Maryland

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