Our resin castings are made from very high quality polyurethane resins. We generally use two types , a quicker setting resin for many parts and a much slower resin for details that have critical pouring issues. Our molds are  silicon rubber.  Our metal detail parts are mastered in our studio of brass or silver and centrifugally cast, now in lead and cadmium free medium temperature pewter. This switch to a safer more durable alloy has unfortunately slightly increased the costs of some of our metal products. We are constantly striving to increase and improve our product line to bring you the best detail parts that we can make. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us through this link.

Thanks for your support, Garry





 Assorted  hand tools , lead and cadmium free pewter
10 per pack . Tools may  vary from pak to pak                   .
                                                    $7.00 U.S

Three different piles of  feed sacks
4  per pack                                $3.50U.S.

Junk Pile  #1
                                      $4.00  U.S.

Junk Pile #2
                                              $4.00      U.S.

Wooden Barrels
 4 per pack                              $3.50  U.S.

Saw  Horses
2 per pack                               $4.00 U.S.

Crates.........Every RailRoad needs some of these
details . Cast resin..
Set of four,                            $4.00 U.S.




Work Bench........Gotta have one for that shop or yard
office. Set includes cast resin bench , crates, barrel and
assorted cast pewter tools.
Set............                           $10.00 U.S.

Barrel Rack........Every industry or business can use a
a place to store and access 55gal. drums. Our little set
comes with a three piece stand, two drums, two lids and
two cast pewter taps.
Set............                         $6.00 U.S.



Locomotive tool set. Just the items to add a sparkl
of detail to your favorite locomotive. Cast pewter
and resin.
                                         $9.00  U.S.
Our 55 gal. cast resin drums  with  two  interchangeable lids
of junk and one  plain lid. Great for industrial settings.
                                          $5.00  U.S.