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log trucks

These popular models have been re-mastered and are now all cast resin They are still designed to  ride on Bachmann On30 passenger trucks but the overall length has been slightly increased to allow for easier installation of Kadee #5 couplers (not included). The kit now includes Grandt Line NBW castings, four sections of scale chain.This log truck adaptation is based on the practice of the W.W. Prather Lumber Co. who used  recycled  passenger trucks for hauling logs. 

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Rowing Skiff


Rowing Skiff
Fishing Dory


This is another offering for the modelor who needs a small boat or two. Like the skiff this dory is cast resin with resin rowlocks and styrene seats. Oars are cast pewter.

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This is our sixteen foot skiff with oars. Many Modelers have waterfront real  estate on their layouts but lack a source of small, easy to assemble boat kits to spruce up the water scenes. We offer this model for just such occasions.The hull is one piece cast resin with resin rowlocks and styrene seats. Oars are cast pewter.

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Here at GCDG we also provide custom modeling services, Loco and car bashing, painting, custom versions of our products, custom packaging of some of our details. Below are some samples of our custom work. If you are interested please contact us here...



The Gilbert "B" was a cousin of the Climax using the same geared truck design . The pistons, however, were internal. Our version of this model was bashed from a Bachmann Climax on a new custom wooden deck and parts from other commercial sources. It is in the collection of Steve Fisher.

This O scale standard gauge MTH SD-9 was custom painted in our studio for a  client who collects "Beano" (B&O) motive power.Contact us if you have paint or building needs. This model is in the collection of George Knarr

Carter was a well known name in R.R. car construction. This boxcar ,one of a pair, has a scratch buillt superstructure on commercial brass trucks.The ventilated door is unique. This pair was commissioned by the late Rick Baeir.